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Over 50 Black Lives Matter supporters arrested in Minnesota

18 November 2015 7:15


US police have apprehended more than 50 people during a Black Lives Matter protest that shut down a highway in the state of Minnesota for several hours.

Hundreds of back activists gathered and blocked the Interstate 94 in Minneapolis late on Monday in protest against the death of an unarmed black man, named Jamar Clark, at the hands of Minneapolis police. which led to 51 arrests.

The protest was part of efforts to press authorities for an answer in regard to the fate of 24-year-old, who died during a struggle with officers on a north Minneapolis street early Sunday.

Black activists said they want any video of the incident to be released immediately as well as the names of the officers involved in the case of the unarmed African American, who was reportedly handcuffed when shot.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the shutdown of northbound highway first started around 7 pm local time and protesters were given four warnings to disperse or be subject to arrest.

On the freeway, protesters chanted and blocked drivers from getting through for nearly two hours and a half.

US Police claimed that the victim was not handcuffed and was involved in a struggle during his arrest, and interfering with emergency responders who were treating his friend.

“Those arrested will likely be cited for unlawful assembly and being pedestrians on the freeway, which are misdemeanors.” police said.

A range of police killings of unarmed African Americans has led to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement and raised nationwide debates about police violence and racial profiling.

Numerous demonstrations have been held across the country following white police officers killing of African-Americans, including Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio; Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York, and Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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