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President Assad says no intelligence sharing with France unless Paris changes policy

18 November 2015 7:40


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that his country is ready to share intelligence with France only if Paris changes its policy toward Syria.

‘We are ready to exchange intelligence with France if Paris changes its policy toward Syria and we have repeatedly called for an international coalition against terrorism,’

Assad made the remarks during an interview with a French magazine on Tuesday.

‘If the French government is not serious in its fight against terrorism, we will not waste our time collaborating with a country, government or an institution that supports terrorism,’ he said.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Assad said the only way to determine what the Syrians want will be through the ballot boxes, not through foreign pressures.

The interview came just days after gunmen and suicide bombers went on a rampage through Paris, killing at least 127 people.

In his first comments on the attacks, Assad on Saturday condemned the terror attacks, saying the French are suffering the same terror as the Syrians have been.

‘What France suffered from savage terror is what the Syrian people have been enduring for five years,’ Assad said reportedly during his meeting on Saturday with a visiting delegation of French lawmakers.

‘The wrong policies of the West, including France, in the Arab region have contributed to the spread of terrorism,’ added Assad.

The Syrian government has for long accused the West of supporting the insurgency against Assad’s rule, deeming such actions as a ‘support of terror.’

Assad stressed the importance of adopting new policies that could be efficient in curbing the support of terror groups, by drying up their resources and halting their logistic and political support until finally eliminating them completely.

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