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Senior Terrorist Commanders Gathering in ‪Dara’a‬ Razed to Ground

18 November 2015 14:14


The Syrian army killed a number of ringleaders of the terrorist groups in military operations against their positions in Dara’a province.

The army destroyed vehicles and positions of senior terrorist commanders to the South of al-Arab’ain School in Daraa al-Balad area in the city of Dara’a on Tuesday night, a military source said Wednesday.

The Syrian troops also destroyed terrorists’ positions in al-Manshiyia neighborhood and to the South of Bosra Square in Daraa al-Balad area.

The Syrian Army, popular forces and Hezbollah fighters have reportedly broken through the defense lines of the militant groups at the entrance of Sheikh Meskeen and have now deployed their units in the town, field sources announced Wednesday.

The sources said that the pro-government forces’ joint massive operation in the Northern part of Dara’a province, which was launched in the early hours of this morning, has thus far brought about significant victories against the militant groups in the strategic town of Sheikh Meskeen.

The sources further added that the Syrian forces and their allies’ rapid advance towards different districts of the town have surprised the militants.

On Sunday, the Syrian Army, National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah fighters stormed militants’ strongholds in the Northern part of Dara’a, and killed at least 37 terrorists.

The pro-government forces carried out successfully the first phase of their large-scale operation in Southern Syria, and seized full control over the Northern part of Sheikh Meskeen.

At least 37 terrorists were killed and many more wounded in the clashes, he added.

The source further added that the Syrian army and its allies are now readying to carry out a new phase of their large-scale operation along Dara’a-Damascus highway.

The pro-government forces also advanced towards al-Qasr al-Ahmar and Sheikh Meskeen’s prison.

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