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US, Israel benefit from Islamophobia: Analyst

18 November 2015 12:23



Press TV has conducted an interview with Abdul Alim Musa, the Imam of Masjid al-Islam, in Washington, about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) voicing concerns over a spike in Islamophobia following the recent terror attacks in Paris.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What do you make of this uptick in Islamophobic incidents across the US? It isn’t the first time when Muslims have had to face collective punishment for what somebody has done halfway across the world in the name of Islam, even though it had nothing to do with Islam?

Musa: First of all, we have to look at that situation with clear eyes. First of all, when they talk about this type of terrorism, we have to go and look first who funds these organization. Of course it is Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And, okay, who helps hold these organizations up?

Well, the United States was bombing the so-called Daesh for two years without hitting anybody and Russia started hitting it a month ago and the whole situation has changed.

The way we look at it is it is a designed program to declare universal or international global warfare against Islam and Muslims. Here is how it is done: if we take… in the last few years… if you take a crime, there is a process of investigation. Number one, you have to look at it and say ‘Who had a motive?’ Did the Muslims have a motive for bombing the World Trade Center? Absolutely not. Okay. Then we have to look at who had the ability to bomb the World Trade Center and then close down all of the national defense systems. Well it could only be the United States government and the Israelis. Okay, so that takes care of motive, ability and benefit.

Who benefits from all of this Islamophobia? The war industry benefits by sending weapons all over the so-called Middle East. It is a windfall form. The Israelis benefit; they can slaughter Palestinians on a daily basis and saying ‘We have to do it because they are terrorists.’

Okay so this terrorism justifies these governments, US-Zionist sponsored bombers… give justification to the Israelis, to the Americans and to all of the other dictatorships like in Egypt to declare war on Islam…

Press TV: It seems the US politicians, the public as a whole as well as the US mainstream media are not asking these questions.

Musa: Okay, the media is not designed. If you have Press TV, you have RT, Russian TV, and a few more… those are the only English-speaking media that even mentions on alternative. That is why the Americans and the Canadians are so susceptible to Islamophobia because they get Islamophobic rhetoric; and America has changed the whole dialogue of the Republicans and the Democrats. Right now, no one can talk about peace in the Middle East, tranquility, because the other opponent will make that person, who has a realistic opinion, to look like he is soft on terrorism. The American people don’t know that the terrorists are created, groomed and supported by the United States of America itself and Saudi Arabia.

Another example. Look at Saudi Arabia now, everywhere bombing in Yemen, nobody says anything. Why? The Israelis are killing Palestinians, nobody says anything. Why?  Because this designed program of Islamophobia that is reinforced every few weeks or every few months with a dramatic bombing, those bombers never have any contact with so-called mainstream Muslims.

In America, they are burning and they are attacking some centers but the masjid that was attacked in Canada the other day… I called up in Canada and they said, ‘Well, the people in that region are supporting, raising funds to 8 or 10,000 dollars to remodel or renovate the masjid.’

So, all of the people, from call-in shows to talking to the people in public do not totally believe in the standard media. In America, the most mistrusted reality is the media. The Americans don’t even trust the media.

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