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Army Gains Upper Hand against Militants in Lattakia

19 November 2015 18:45


The Syrian army made great progress in Jabal Zahi (Zahi Mountain) in the Northern countryside of Lattakia after fierce clashes with the Takfiri militants on Thursday.

According to the correspondent of the Arabic-language al-Alam news channel, the Syrian army made great progress in Jabal Zahi in the Northern countryside of Lattakia after fierce clashes with the Takfiri militants, killing and injuring a large group of the terrorists.

There were no more details available.

On Wednesday, the Syrian army and its allies recaptured the strategic al-Rashwan heights in the Northern part of the Lattakia province which will limit the terrorists’ trafficking and attacks in the region.

The important al-Rashwan heights is located in Job al-Ahmar area in the Northern parts of Lattakia and was freed by the Syrian army assisted by the Iraqi resistance forces and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) military advisors.

During the operations to take control of the strategic heights, tens of Jeish al-Fath terrorists were also killed.

Early Wednesday, the militants’ defense lines near the hilltop village of Tal al-Rashwan in the prophet Jonah Mountains came under joint attack of the government forces whose heavy and rapid operation forced the terrorist groups to retreat their forces from the village and its surrounding.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian army and popular forces pushed back the militant groups from a strategic area near Ghamam town in the coastal province of Lattakia after killing and wounding scores of the terrorists.

The militants’ defense lines in Bakdash mountain came under attacks of the government forces, whose offensives was so heavy that caused the militants to retreat from the fighting area.

The mountainous area is now under full control of the Syrian forces.

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