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Breaking: Syrian Armed Forces Capture Hawareen and Enter the Strategic Town of Maheen

19 November 2015 7:12


Three weeks after losing Maheen to ISIL, Syrian army has finally reentered this strategic town in east Homs after launching a counter-offensive two weeks ago.

The Syrian Armed Forces began their assault at the village of Hawareen after advancing from the recently captured town of Hadath, striking ISIS’ defensive positions at the Sadad-Hawareen checkpoint; this attack resulted in the pro-government forces imposing full control over the checkpoint before advancing inside the village.

Following their entrance into Hawareen, the National Defense Forces, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and the Sootooro established complete control over this small village that is located directly north of the Maheen Orchards.

With Hawareen and Hadarh now under their control, the NDF, SSNP, and GPF are preparing for a night assault on the Maheen Orchards, where ISIS was heavily entrenched inside of and awaiting the pro-government forces attack from the northern flank.

According to a military source in the city of Sadad, the Syrian Armed Forces have entered Maheen tonight, seizing the Northern Orchards after a violent series of firefights with ISIS; however, the source added that the fighting is still ongoing and has recently intensified after reinforcements from both sides entered the battle.

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