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Tiger Forces Advance South of the Kuweires Airport: Sheikh Ahmad Railway Station Captured

20 November 2015 7:18


ISIS has suffered more setbacks along the Kuweries Military Airport front, as they conceded more territory to the Syrian Armed Forces on Thursday after suffering huge losses the night before in the Aleppo Governorate’s eastern countryside.

On Thursday afternoon in the eastern Aleppo countryside, the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) of Aleppo City, Harakat Al-Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary) and Hezbollah – imposed full control over Sheikh Ahmad Railway Station after a series of intense firefights with ISIS near the Kuweries Military Airport.

Following the capture of the Sheikh Ahmad Railway Station, the Tiger Forces and their allies advanced to the Sheikh Ahmad Production Facility, where they encountered a large contingent from ISIS at this site located directly south of the recently captured village Kaskays.

Not long after they began their assault on the Sheikh Ahmad Production Facility, the Tiger Forces announced the capture of this site, resulting in the death of over 20 enemy combatants and the destruction of 3 armored vehicles that belonged to the terrorist group.

Currently, the Tiger Forces and their allies are steadily advancing at this front in eastern Aleppo; meanwhile, ISIS is rapidly falling apart as their defenses have collapsed in an area that was once considered untouchable.

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