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2K battalions ready to defend Islamic Revolution

21 November 2015 15:41



IRGC Commander announced that 1500 To Beit al-Muqaddas and 500 Imam Hossein battalions are completely prepared to defend the Islamic Revolution.

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari made the remarks on Friday at the site of a large-scale war game, codenamed ‘To Beit al-Muqaddas’, held by the Iranian Basij (volunteer) Force near the holy city of Qom.

“The enemies have made many efforts to make Iran insecure, but our intelligence and security supremacy has thwarted their conspiracies,” Jafari underlined.

Hailing the country’s Basij forces, the commander said that the world looks with envy at Iran since Basij forces are powerfully present defending the country with their faith.

Realizing various functions such as defense, security, culture war, political war, contributing to economic problems and helping with social ills, Basij enjoys a glory unprecedented in the history of revolution.

“Basij has conveyed different messages since the beginning of the revolution,” he underlined, adding that the most important one is the message of the sovereignty and security of the country.

Pointing to several cases of insecurity in the region and in European countries, including Paris attacks, IRGC commander reiterated that threats of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution have gone beyond the region aiming at destroying the Revolution, however, with God’s help and the efforts of Iran’s security and intelligence agencies, all their attempts have been foiled.

The enemies know well that they can no longer use ‘the language of force’ in dealing with the Islamic Republic, because the country has turned into a great regional power, the commander added.

The main stage of the military exercise kicked off on Friday morning with the participation of 120 Basij battalions, serving in the corps of the province of Tehran.

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