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Syria: Army’s Special Forces Kill Al-Nusra Front Leader, Tens of Terrorists in Idlib

21 November 2015 15:27



The Syrian army’s Special Forces carried out military operations in a strategic city of Idlib province on Saturday, killing a senior Al-Nusra Front commander along with a large number of other terrorists.

Mohamad Mashrout and tens of his men were killed in Ma’aret al-Nu’man city in Idlib province earlier today.

On Wednesday, the Syrian air force intensified its airstrikes on terrorists’ concentration centers in Idlib province and destroyed positions of the terrorists in Saraqib city and al-Sheikh Yusuf.

Also on Wednesday, the Takfiri militants confirmed the death of the military commander of Jeish Al-Islam terrorist group in Idlib province.

The terrorists said the military commander was killed after Russian fighter jets bombed headquarters of the terrorist group in Idlib.

On Friday, the General Staff of the Syrian Army announced that nearly 33 terrorists of Jeish al-Islam group were killed by the Army’s Special Forces near Saraqib.

The sources said that in addition to the militants’ heavy death toll, many of their military vehicles were destroyed in the Syrian army soldiers’ offensive.

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