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Sheikh Naeem Qassim: Daesh, threatening for whole world

22 November 2015 8:49


Senior Hezbollah official said the new policies to contain Daesh terrorist group is a clear confession of the West proving their previous intentions not to fight the terrorist group.

Sheikh Naeem Qassim, deputy of Hezbollah secretary general, attending the ceremony to tribute victims of the recent terrorist attack in Beirut, warning against Daesh as a threat for the whole world and not an individual or group of people, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He stressed contrary to all changes brought to the region, we recognize the Zionist regime as number one enemy and called Takfiri (excommunication) groups as the puppets of the Zionist regime whose mission is to destroy regional countries as a service to the illegal regime of Israel.

He referred to creation of Takfiri groups under the supervision of the US and Saudi Arabia and also a 2004 report on a secret agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia for huge financial supports for religious schools and universities in a bid to launch a new version of Islam as a confrontation with true Islam demanded by late Imam Khomeini (RA).

The scholar announced an annual budget of 3.5 billion dollars for the past 25 years paid by the US and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their joint campaign against true Islam.

The cleric said,” The agreement and cooperation continued till 5 years ago and beginning of the crisis in Syria when they started killing and evacuation of the Syrian nation under the pretext of reforms though in fact their real objective was to damage the resistance and serving the plan of Zionist-American.

Sheikh Naeem Qassim noted,” Launching Daesh emirates in Al-Raqqah and Mosul in Iraq, he so-called Islamic government, was the result of a containment strategy led by the US with the aim of protecting the Islamic as much as possible.” Adding,” It was based on this containment strategy that a year and half of bombardment led to nothing but destruction of the infrastructures rather than preventing formation of a so-called Islamic ruling of Daesh.”

Lebanese scholar quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin naming 40 countries which made direct contributions for formation of the so-called Islamic government of Daesh besides 80 states which paved the way for transportation of Takfiri forces from their countries for a final passage of the terrorists through Jordan and Turkey to Syria and Iraq.

Sheikh Naeem Qassim stressed,” French President Francois Holland, has recently announced that he will put an end to containment strategy of his country in regards to Daesh in a bid to enter a direct battle with the terrorist group and this is a clear confession that previously the country did not have the intention to fight or annihilate the terrorist group.”

He noted that his country of Lebanon has been saved from Takfiri plots warning against the constant struggles of the terrorist group to break into the country and committing crimes.

Hezbollah deputy referred to the meetings held for finding diplomatic solutions for Syria and said,” We should not depend on the political solutions proposed in these meetings rather we should take measures based on constructive dialogues.”

In the recent terror attack by Takfiri Daesh group on southern Beirut, 44 Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian civilians were killed and more than 240 were injured.

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