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Syrian Army Wins Back More Lands in Harasta Region near Damascus Highway

22 November 2015 15:20


The Syrian Army troops stormed the defense lines of the so-called Jeish al-Islam terrorist group in the Eastern side of Harasta-Damascus highway and forced them to retreat from a number of buildings and farms on Sunday.

Jeish al-Islam militants suffered heavy death toll and their military equipment was badly targeted in the Syrian army’s operation which caused the terrorists to retreat from the fighting area.

Sources said earlier today that the Syrian Army stormed one of the strongholds of the al-Nusra Front near al-Nashabiyeh town and inflicted heavy casualties on the terrorists that included a well-known explosive expert.

Ahmad Abd Rabou was killed in the pro-government forces’ operation against Nusra defense lines in Utaiya village near al Nshabiyeh town in Douma near Damascus International Airport.

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