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IRGC Cmdr: Iran monitors Daesh terrorists by intelligence dominance

23 November 2015 7:11


Iran monitors Takfiri groups by intelligence approach, says the IRGC commander, stressing that the ISIL terrorists have no possibility to operate in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

IRGC Cmdr: Iran monitors Daesh terrorists by intelligence dominance
‘Under the current security situation, the ISIL is unable to operate in Iran what it is doing in other countries,’ Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps told reporters in a local gathering on Sunday.

If necessary, we will confront the terrorist groups, Jafari said.
Referring to demolishing of Takfiri group networks and the arrest of their members, the IRGC commander said the force is maintaining intelligence dominance over other Takfiri groups and they will be wiped out if they approach the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Western powers thought that the terrorist threats they have created is going to be just a regional one, but now their assumption is backfiring, and they have been forced to stand against the terrorists, he said.

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