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Syrian Forces Take Full Control over Maheen Town in Homs Province

23 November 2015 20:42



The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Russian air force, pushed back ISIL’s fresh troops from Maheen in the Eastern part of Homs and completed their control over the strategic town on Monday.

The pro-government forces launched the last phase of their joint operation this morning against the ISIL defense lines and forced the terrorist to leave the town a few minutes ago.

The ISIL suffered heavy death toll in the Syrian forces’ operation, and left behind many dead members and fled the battlefront.

According to the battlefield sources, the Syrian army and its allies are advancing toward Quayratayn town.

On Sunday, the Syrian army and the NDF fighters pushed back the ISIL from Hawwarin village and Tal Daher hilltop in Homs province, and deployed forces in combat position to start final phase of Maheen region liberation operation.

The pro-government forces clashed with the ISIL terrorists in the Northern side of Hawwarin and retook full control over the village after killing scores of the militants in the fighting area.

Then the Syrian forces stormed the ISIL positions near the strategic hilltop of Tal Daher and won back the hilltop too.

The Syrian forces were deployed on Sunday at a very good position to launch the final phase of their operation to liberate the entire Maheen region.

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