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Syrian Troops Fend Off Terrorists’ Heavy Attacks on Khan Touman

23 November 2015 20:57



The Syrian army and the resistance forces repelled terrorists’ heavy attacks on the strategic region of Khan Touman Southwest of Aleppo province.

The militant groups relocated over 300 of their forces from Northern to Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo province to join all their units deployed in the region in preparation for their repeated attacks on the newly captured region, but were pushed back after sustaining heavy casualties in tough battles with the Syrian army and resistance forces.

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In the first wave of attacks some 320 terrorists, including those of Jeish al-Mujahideen and Al-Nusra Front, launched heavy attacks on the Western parts of Khan Touman, but they failed to gain anything.

On Saturday, the army conducted massive military operations against the terrorists in Khan Touman region, and in al-Hweijeneh, Dakwaneh, al-Qanater, and Oram al-Kubra villages in Aleppo countryside, and inflicted heavy losses on the militants.

Syrian Army and Hezbollah troops purged all militants from Khan Touman, and seized full control over the town after killing or wounding a large number of the terrorists on November 1.

Residents of Khan Touman started coming back to the town after two weeks.

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