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Senior Jund Al-Aqsa Commander Killed in Morek

25 November 2015 10:33



The Syrian army conducted military operations against positions of Jund al-Aqsa terrorists in Morek town in the province of Hama, killing scores of the Takfiri militants, including a senior commander.

The army targeted the Jund al-Aqsa Takfiri militants’ concentration centers in Morek town on Tuesday, killing dozens of terrorists, including their senior commander, Ahmad Khaled Abd al-Jalil.

A terrorists’ mortar launch pad and a pickup truck were also destroyed in the operations, field sources said.

On Monday, the Syrian government forces killed at least 13 Jund al-Aqsa terrorists, including a senior commander, in Morek.

The army destroyed two vehicles of the so-called Jund al-Aqsa terrorist group, killing 13 terrorists, including the senior commander, Asa’d al-Kasem, in Morek town, 30 km North of Hama city.

Khaled al-Hussein, Mohammad al-Ashtar and Ali Younes al-Hamad were also identified among the dead terrorists.

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