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Velayati: Iran backs Syria till final triumph

26 November 2015 18:38


Head of the Strategic Research Center at the Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati said on Thursday that the Islamic Republic of Iran is to continue support to Syrian government and nation till their final victory.

Speaking to a group of Syrian doctors, cultural and social activists, he said that from the early stages of the Islamic Revolution, Iran and Syria have supported each other in attaining common goals.

‘Syrian government and nation are now experiencing very tough problems which are unprecedented in the history of the region, but it is five years that they are bravely standing against regional and international plots and the sign of victory is now emerging more than ever,’ he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Russia back Syrian government and people, he said adding that the unity formed between these countries is very rare in the contemporary era and that the final triumph is not far away.

Tehran believes that Syrian crisis has no military solution and the issue should merely be resolved through political means, Velayati said.

The US and others who try to dedicate the fate of Syrians will fail as they have no right to make decision on the fate of Syrian people, Velayati said.

Iran and Russia are determined to support Syria and are strongly opposed to disintegration of the country under any circumstances, he said, ‘This should be regarded as a criterion in all negotiations.’

Iran never backs any solution which runs counter to the interests of Syrian nation and believes that all decision should be approved by Syrian government and people, he said.

Velayati also voiced Iran’s readiness for dispatch of medical services to Syria.

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