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Turkish government’s decision on Syria strategic mistake, says Rahim-Safavi

27 November 2015 18:44


Downing of the Russian fighter by Turkey, though a tactical incident, could bring about strategic consequences
said senior military aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim-Safavi.

Addressing a military ceremony in the ancient city of Isfahan on Thursday, the official said Ankara’s decision to shoot down the Russian figher was a mistake which could put Turkey in trouble.

‘Turkey’s strategy in extending support for the mercenary terrorists and the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet will bear dire consequences for the country,’ Rahim Safavi said.

Referring to the dismal security conditions in the region, the official noted that the destructive ongoing regional wars have claimed 250,000 lives only in Syria and they have forced nine million people in Iraq and Syria to leave their homes.

Many of these homeless people have sought refuge in city outskirts or larger cities like Baghdad and Damascus, living under tents in dire conditions, he said.

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