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Parting Muslims is what Arrogance seeks for

29 November 2015 8:48


“Parting Muslim nations and increasing dispersion favors the arrogant World,” said Friday Prayer Leader of Zahidan.
Publish date : Sunday 29 November 2015 10:17Code: 213307

Friday Prayer Leader of Sistan and Baluchistan, Molavi Abdol Hamid sternly warned Muslims of willful measures and moves of enemies stressing, “insecruty and dispersion in the region is against Muslims’ interests and favors the Arrogant World,” reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Molavi Abdol Hamid placed accentuation on this very fact that dispersion among Muslim nations are stoking insecurity and chaos in the region which in turn lag them behind and lay the way for enemies to forward their schemes.

“Insecurity in the region is what the arrogant World has sought for since long ago,” highlighted the Friday Prayer Leader of Sistan and Baluchistan calling on Muslim not to lay the ground for foes to arrive at this very objective.

“We are witnessed to the World which is mired in meltdown and deadly unrest,” said the relgious cleric highlighting the standing peace and security Iran enjoys urging Muslims to be grateful of this blessing.

“The enemies of Iran make their foreful attempt to disintegrate Muslims so as to advance their objective in the region, and we should be vigilant at this very situation,” pointed out the featured Sunni cleric.

Friday Prayer Leader of Sistan and Baluchistan related on the necessity of unity and solidarity underlying, “In the here and how, preserving fraternity and brotherhood is of prime importance which lead to development and prosperity in the country giving Muslims the opportunity to gain momentum in various areas.”

In his line, it is shouldered by Muslims to be affable and enlightened toward their religious brothers and behave with each other magnanimously.

Needless to say, Molavi Abdol Hamid is one unity activitis who plays a decisive role in restraining Muslims unity from dispersion. He always urges Muslims not be persnickety about minute issues. In his line, Muslims should shun any altercation and scrap leading to dispersion.

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