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Dangerous terrorism germ spreading across globe: Rouhani

1 December 2015 16:29



Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says terrorism has turned into a “dangerous microbe” that is spreading across the region and the world, urging all countries to fight terrorist groups.

In a meeting with visiting Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán in Tehran on Tuesday, Rouhani said major powers’ interference in the internal affairs of countries are among the root causes of terrorism.

“Today, terrorism has degenerated into a dangerous microbe that is spreading across the region and the world,” Rouhani said, adding, “Terrorism is currently the most evident symbol of violence and extremism in the world and we believe that it is an international challenge for all.”

He noted that equality and respect for nations’ rights are among basic issues in international relations.

Rouhani called for coordinated action against terrorism, saying, “We should exhaust our capabilities in confronting terrorism, and Iran and Hungary can have good cooperation in line with such important regional and international objectives.”

The Iranian president said the purchase of looted oil by a country from terrorists and as well as opening one’s borders to terrorist amount to supporting terrorism.

Ankara has widely been accused of being one of the main supporters of the militant groups operating in Syria, with reports saying that Turkey actively trains and arms the Takfiri militants there and facilitates their safe passage into the Arab country.

Speaking on the sidelines of a climate change summit in Paris on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he has received further information confirming that the Daesh Takfiri terrorists conduct their oil sales via Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, also present at the conference, denied the claims, saying that he will step down if there is any proof present of his country’s collaboration with Daesh.

Necessity for cooperation to solve regional issues

The Hungarian premier said Western countries have so far failed to adopt a common strategy to settle regional problems.

Orbán added that consultation and cooperation between influential countries in the region including Iran can prove effective.

He also assessed as positive the outcome of his talks with senior Iranian officials and called for the expansion of Tehran-Budapest relations in all fields, particularly in scientific, academic and research sectors.

Orbán arrived in Tehran on Monday, the first by a Hungarian prime minister in 27 years.

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