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Qudsiyah Suburb Fully Under the Control of the Syrian Army

2 December 2015 7:06


110 militants associated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were transported by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from the Qudsiyah Suburb to the Idlib Governorate after a ceasefire agreement was accepted by both parties in order to allow displaced civilians to live in the housing projects developed by the Syrian Government over the last few months.

The Free Syrian Army affiliates were surrounded in the Qudsiyah Suburb of Damascus City by the Syrian Arab Army and National Defense Forces (NDF) for several months; however, reconciliation committees worked diligently to provide the entrenched militants with food and necessary supplies while they negotiated an end to hostilities between both parties.

Qudsiyah has several new housing projects that are currently being used by the displaced civilians from all around Syria; this ceasefire with the Free Syrian army was a top priority for the Syrian Government in rural Damascus in order to move more displaced families from the East and West Ghouta regions (collection of farms in rural Damascus) to this large Damascene suburb.

Currently, the Syrian Government is working on a ceasefire agreement with the Free Syrian Army and their allies in the Al-Wa’er District of Homs City; if successful, the Syrian Arab Army will be in full control of the provincial capital.

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