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Syria: Army, NDF Push Terrorists’ Back from Vast Areas in Eastern Aleppo

3 December 2015 9:52



The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) gained the upper hand in their combat against the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province and made remarkable advance in the Deir Hafer region on Wednesday.

The army and the NDF destroyed ISIL’s military positions and heavy military equipment in Deir Hafer plains and in areas near the Kuweires Military Airport.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian forces’ raids on their strongholds.

Battfield reports indicated that there will more news on further advances of pro-government forces in the same region in coming hours as terrorists are escaping confrontation, giving up rule over a vast area of lands.

On Sunday, the Syrian Army and popular forces advanced in the areas near Deir Hafer region.

The Syrian army’s elite special operations division known as the “Tiger Forces” were within 5km from the Western district of Deir Hafer, leaving the ISIL in a vulnerable position with very little reserves to combat the advancing army.

Since losing the Kuweires Military Airport earlier in November, ISIL defenses have been falling apart all over the Aleppo province’s Eastern part; this has paved the way for the Tiger Forces and their allies to advance into areas that were once considered untouchable.

As a result of the loss of ‘Aqulah, the ISIL is facing a serious threat at the strategic hilltop village of Tal al-Ahmar, which is another gateway to Deir Hafer front as it sits on the seasonal road leading to the aforementioned city.

If Deir Hafer is captured by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Armed Forces will be in position to reenter the Raqqa province after being expelled by ISIL in August 2014.

Sources said earlier on Sunday that the Syrian Army, popular forces and Hezbollah fighters pushed back the ISIL militants from more territories in the Northern province of Aleppo, and restored full security to Aqulah village and its surroundings.

The Syrian army troops, the country’s National Defense Forces and the Lebanese combatants of Hezbollah Resistance Movement continued fighting against the ISIL militants in the various parts of Aleppo province and forced them to retreat forces from Aqulah village after killing and wounding scores of the militants in the Northern side of the village.

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