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Terrorist ISIL Says Executed One Russian “Spy” in Latest Beheading

3 December 2015 10:01



In a new video ISIS claims to have beheaded a Russian “spy” as terrorist group threatens Russian president Vladimir Putin and people of Russia.

In this video a Russian speaking terrorist executing a fellow countryman accused of being a spy.

Speaking in Russian, the prisoner allegedly confesses to working on behalf of the Russian intelligence service to gather information on ISIS and “jihadis” from the Caucasus area.

The Killer addresses the camera in Russian and threatens Vladimir Putin over the decision to attack ISIS In support of Syrian president Bashir al-Assad.

The terrorist is using a commando-style knife and grabs the victim’s hair before murdering him.

During the video the killer warns that the Russian military action in Syria ‘has only made us more certain and more firm’, according to Daily Mail.

The killer then threatened the Russian people: ‘You will not find peace in your homes. We will kill your sons … for each son you killed here. And we will destroy your homes for each home you destroyed here.’

In January, ISIS released a video purporting to show a young boy shooting dead two men accused of working for Russian intelligence services.

ISIS are losing controls of its grabbed land in Syria and Iraq, which it rules as a self-declared ‘caliphate’.

The Kremlin has not confirmed whether any of its citizens had been kidnapped by ISIS. But Intelligence experts “SITE” said the video was from Raqqa province, the main ISIS stronghold in northern Syria.

Russia’s security service, the FSB, declined to comment. There was no immediate comment from Russia’s foreign ministry.

ISIS has beheaded an unknown number of hostages in numerous videos, both Western prisoners and people from the Middle East, including soldiers fighting against it and Muslims who reject it.


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