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Terrorists’ Tunnel Destroyed by Syrian Army in Damascus Province

4 December 2015 14:53



The Syrian government forces on Friday detected and destroyed a tunnel used by the foreign-backed militants in the Northeastern part of Damascus province, and killed all militants inside the tunnel.

The army destroyed a tunnel of the terrorists in Harasta in the Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian soldiers trapped the militants inside the tunnel and all them after hours of clashes.

The pro-government forces have discovered several tunnels of militants in the recent weeks.

On Monday, The Syrian army explored another tunnel used by the Takfiri terrorists in Harasta.

As the Syrian army engineering units were combing the areas near Harasta Highway, they detected a tunnel that extends from the Eastern side of the highway towards Douma farms.

The tunnel is linked to a number of basements and trenches in the area.

A number of explosive devises were found inside the tunnel.

The army also destroyed a tunnel of the Jeish al-Islam terrorists with the length of over 350 meters in Jobar neighborhood in the same province.

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