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Islamic Jihad: Palestinians are on the way to liberate the West Bank

5 December 2015 18:16


The Islamic Jihad leader, Khaled al-Batesh, affirmed that the Jerusalem intifada (uprising) has made great achievements on the ground, and that what Palestinians need now is more steadfastness, patience and unity until the complete liberation of Palestine from the Israeli enemy.

He explained that “with the Palestinian intifada, our people are on the right track to liberate the occupied West Bank and cleansing all its cities and towns of the Israeli settlements, barriers and herds of Israeli settlers who kill our people at will”.

He stressed, during a speech on Friday in the “steadfastness march” organized by his Movement that was attended by tens of thousands of citizens, that the Palestinian Intifada will continue, and that the Islamic Jihad Movement as well as all the other factions are determined to continue the Intifada until the liberation of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

He pointed out that on that same day three months ago, “martyr Muhannad Halabi, from the occupied city of Jaffa,” stabbed Israeli settlers to avenge his friend martyr Diaa Talahmeh, and the female martyr Hadeel Hashlamon. His act ignited “the intifada and the revolt of our people in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem,” he underlined.

Batesh concluded: This Friday is called “Friday of steadfastness that would bear witness to our commitment to restoring our rights” and continuing the intifada and the resistance along the long path of liberation.

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