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Syrian Troops Launch Massive Offensive on Terrorists in Hama

5 December 2015 18:06


The Syrian army’s ground troops captured terrorists’ positions in Northern Hama province after the country’s air force launched a massive air campaign and crushed the militants’ positions on Saturday.

The Syrian warplanes conducted numerous sorties and razed down al-Nusra Front positions in Al-Lataminah town in the Northern parts of Hama during the day.

The air raids destroyed the terrorists’ concentration centers and machine gun-equipped vehicles.

The airstrikes paved the way for a massive attack by the Syrian army troops on terrorists’ positions in the province.

A large group of terrorists were killed and injured in Syrian army attacks in the towns of al-Lataminah and Kafr Zita.

Meanwhile, the Syrian forces struck heavy blows at the Takfiri terrorists in the villages of al-Ankawi and al-Qahera in the same province, leaving a group of Takfiris dead and injured.

On Friday, the Syrian combat jets, in a series of fresh bombardments, targeted the gathering centers of the militant groups North of Hama province heavily, military sources announced.

The Syrian fighter jets bombed heavily two main concentration centers of the militant groups near Morek and al-Latamneh, which claimed the lives of many terrorists, sources said.

They added that a depot of munitions and weapons and a large parking area of the militant vehicles were also bombed and destroyed in the airstrikes.

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