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Yemeni Forces Retain Control Saudi Sites Despite Airstrikes

5 December 2015 10:00


Yemen Army backed by the Popular Committees retains control over a dozen of Saudi military sites in Najran, Jizan, and Asir regions despite under heavy Saudi-Coalition airstrikes, a military source told Yemeni media Khabar Agency.

The source explained that missile units belonging to the Yemen Army targeted several military sites in Saudi territory. He added that an Abrams tank was destroyed in Jizan of Sirdah site on Friday, while a Saudi’s Bradley fighting vehicle (BFV) was also destroyed in Rabuah town of Asir using ATGM.

According to the source, two Saudi tanks were destroyed by Yemeni armed forces on Friday night near Al Khadra border post connecting Saudi’s Najran and Yemen’s Al Buqa area.

Recently, a famous Saudi whistleblower known on Twitter as “@mujtahidd” revealed Saudi military casualties during the ongoing 9-months Yemen war, saying Saudis lost 2,000 soldiers and 4,850 injured, along with 450 tanks and military vehicles, 4 US-made Apache helicopters, 1 F-15 jet fighter, and 5 warships destroyed. A total amount of 200 billion Saudi riyals were also spent in this war.

Saudi media and officials have yet to comment on the reports so far.

On Thursday, Yemen Army spokesman Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman announced the end of the preliminary stage and beginning of the first phase of escalation which includes “strategic options to face the aggression in all its forms, including the aggressors from invaders, occupiers and murderers”.

Luqman said in a statement to Khabar Agency that the steps of the strategic options are many and may take many shapes like more rapid deployment, expanding the sphere of targets that shall be entered, and he reaffirmed that the strategic steps come as given right to defend the nation and stopping the Saudi enemy from killing the Yemeni people.

The spokesman assured the Yemeni people “in the case that Saudi enemy oversteps or exaggerated his bounds, we will give them what cools hearts of the Yemeni people and elevates their suffering.”

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