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Iraqi Forces Repel ISIL’s Widespread Attacks in Anbar Province

6 December 2015 16:13


The Iraqi army and federal police thwarted massive attacks by the ISIL terrorist group in the province of Anbar in Western Iraq.

“The ISIL terrorists intended to carry out massive attacks on different locations in Anbar province with seven bomb-laden vehicles,” Commander of Anbar Operations Jamal al-Dailami told FNA on Sunday.

He noted that the terrorists were also planning to attack two headquarters of the Iraqi army and federal police located 35 kilometers to the West of al-Ramadi.

On Saturday, Iraqi security and volunteer forces continued their advances in Anbar province, and captured half of al-Tamim neighborhood in the outskirts of Ramadi.

The Iraqi forces took control of three out of the total six strategic neighborhoods of Ramadi’s al-Tamim, a commander of operating troops told FNA.

On Thursday, commanders of Iraq’s popular forces complain that the US is hindering the start of final phase of the operation to free Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, from ISIL control.

“The US bargains and pressures on the Baghdad government have prevented accomplishment of Ramadi liberation operation,” Abu Yousef al-Khazali, a commander of Seyed al-Shohada battalion, told FNA.

“The US has long been seeking to force the government to stop using the popular forces in military operations against ISIL, specially in the liberation operations conducted in different Iraqi regions,” he added.

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