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Syrian Army Seizes Back Vast Areas in Lattakia

7 December 2015 7:35


The Syrian army, backed by popular defense groups, continued to gain ground in Northeastern Lattakia as they launched wide-scale military operations to completely purge the coastal province of the terrorists.

The Syrian forces regained control over al-Furruluq forests and the area surrounding Oteira village on Saturday.

The Syrian troops also retook the hills near Qazghadar Mountains, al-Msheirfeh Fuqa, al-Msheirfeh Tahta, Rweiset Mislaneh and Katef al-Allaneh.

Sources said the terrorists suffered heavy casualties in the military operations.

Earlier on Saturday, the Syrian Army alongside the country’s popular forces pushed back the terrorist groups from vast areas in the Northern parts of Lattakia province near the border with Turkey, following hours of fierce clashes with the militants in mountainous regions.

The Syrian army troops and the country’s National Defense Forces (NDF) stormed the militant groups’ defense lines in Jabal al-Azar (Mountain) and Height 817 near the border with Turkey and gained full control over both strategic regions.

The militant groups retreated from the entire region after sustaining heavy casualties in the clashes.

Yet, the Syrian government forces chased the militants and further captured Ateera Hill near the border after an hour-long clashes.

Meantime, al-Nusra Front and Turkmen militants withdrew forces form Zahia Tower in the Northern part of province after the pro-government forces attacked their positions.

Nusra and Turkmen terrorists suffered a heavy casualties in the Syrian forces’ operations.

Arafat region in the same province was also the scene of heavy clashes between the militant groups and the pro-government forces, claiming the lives of many terrorists.

Sources said earlier on Saturday that the Syrian forces’ large-scale operations in the Northern and Northeastern parts of Lattakia province have forced the militants to flee from battlefields in groups.

The Syrian army alongside the NDF launched massive operations in Kansaba region in the Northeastern part of the province, recaptured Rwaisat al-Hamidah and Katef al-Zayara villages, and killed a large number of terrorists.

The remaining terrorists fled the battlefield, leaving behind their weapons and military hardware, the sources said.

The sources further said that the terrorists have fled to the neighboring mountains and forests, but “several army units are chasing them and hunting them down”.

The militant groups have suffered a heavy death toll in the recent operations of the government force in Lattakia that includes several senior commanders.

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