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Bright Future Before Iran CNG Industry

8 December 2015 7:10


Iran has a bright roadmap before its CNG industry, said head of the Iran National Standards Organization (INSO) Nayereh Piruzbakht on Monday.

“To develop and flourish, any activity in the country including the CNG industry requires the synergy between private and public sectors,” she told the Seventh National Conference and Exhibition of the CNG Industry and Alternative Fuels.

Sponsored by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) and the Asia-Pacific association of CNG cars AVENGA, the two-day event will discuss prospects for development of the industry, organizers told Shana.

She said INSO operation in the field of CNG includes monitoring hybrid cars and fuel outlets, as well as outlining tanks and joints standards.

The conference participants will discuss opportunities, challenges and solutions before the CNG industry and alternative fuels, new technologies, improvement of goods and services exports, as well as ways of attracting incentives and investment in the industry.

Last October, the Ministry of Petroleum hosted the Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club 2015 Congress and Exhibition (IPEC 2015) to discuss the theme Post-Sanctions Iran: An Open Door to Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities.

Among the topics on the agenda was Vehicle: CNG as Fuel for Vehicles, Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles, Efficiency Enhancement.

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