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MP Fadlallah: Blocking Al-Manar Broadcasting “Political Decision”, Targets Freedom

8 December 2015 7:20


Head of the Lebanese Parliamentary Media and Communications Committee MP Hassan Fadlallah asserted on Monday that Arabsat decision to block Al-Manar broadcasting via its satellites is political, considering that the action targets information freedom and violates the national sovereignty.

In a press conference after the committee’s meeting, Fadlallah said Arabsat decision was based on one of Al-Manar episodes in which the guest criticized the Saudi king, noting that Al-Manar did not violate the law as the anchorman responded to him.

MP Fadlallah stressed that the Lebanese media my never subdue to the policies practiced against the Arab media, pointing that what happened threatens all the national outlets.

He added that the Lebanese media outlets abide by the national law and Arabsat does not have the right to violate this legal relation and withdraw its broadcasting center from Lebanon to Jordan.

MP Fadlallah concluded that a complaint against Arabsat will be filed with the International Communications Union, adding that the Information ministry will hold a meeting among all the competent parties to discuss blocking the broadcasting of Al-Manar and Al-Mayadeen and the company’s decision to move its broadcasting center from Lebanon in order to take the necessary measures.



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