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Palestinians continue their vigil at the Aqsa Mosque

8 December 2015 15:37


Dozens of Palestinians from Occupied Jerusalem as well as the 1948 Occupied Palestine on Monday visited the Aqsa Mosque to maintain vigil inside it and to defend the Muslims’ holy site in face of Israeli settlers’ incursions.

Israeli policemen barred dozens of women, whose names are listed in the blacklist, from entering the Aqsa Mosque and confiscated the IDs of those who entered the holy site.

The policemen rounded up the Jerusalemite Nizam Abu Rumouz at the Hetta gate, took him to the police station of al-Asbat gate and searched him before letting him go.

Special police forces secured the incursion of 22 Jewish settlers into the plazas of the Aqsa Mosque amid confrontation of Muslim sit-inners.

Some worshipers from 1948 Occupied Palestine revealed that Israeli policemen deliberately stop and question visitors, who come from outside of Jerusalem, about their home addresses and the transportation they use to get to Jerusalem.

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