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Iran: Palestine unifying element in Muslim world

10 December 2015 19:00


Foreign Ministry spokesman has told a Palestinian analyst any discord among Islamic countries would only benefit the Zionist regime.

Hossein Jaberi Ansari, the Head of Foreign Ministry Media and Public Diplomacy Center and also FM Spokesman met with Dr. Mohsen Saleh, the Director-General of the Beirut-based Zaitouna Center for Studies on Wednesday to discuss the latest developments in Palestine. Also joining the meeting was Khalid al-Qaddumi, HAMAS representative in Tehran.

Mr. Jaberi Ansari highlighted the unveiling of a book by Saleh, ‘Palestinian Question’ and believed that the current situation in the Occupied Territories required ‘better disaster management;’ “any discord of Islamic counties would only benefit the Zionist regime, and we should find ways out of the current crisis; Islamic countries provide different readings of the Palestinian issue; however, it is imperative that we re-examine the past trends to discuss realistically the points of discord,” he asserted.

According to Jaberi Ansari, despite the wide differences among countries in the region as to the issue of Palestine, public diplomacy capacities could help find points of convergence toward a common objective of finding a way out of the crisis.

Jaberi Ansari hailed Dr. Saleh’s contributions to the Zaitouna Center of Studies as a public diplomacy framework and a secondary network of formal diplomacy in having sought to hit agreed-upon solutions; Saleh himself highlighted Palestine as a unifying component of the Islamic countries, believing that his book and other similar books sought to raise public awareness of the Palestinian issue; “we do not have fears about Palestine and its future, and we will be the ultimate victor; however, we face challenges in our grand scheme which requires careful plans; the so-called Middle East peace process, however had significant progress, in practice has hit hard obstacles and is very complex in nature,” he said.

“Resistance plans has also hit difficulties as well, albeit it is in a progressive road now, even with people in the West Bank welcoming the resistance more than ever and an overwhelming majority would argue against peace process,” Saleh added.

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