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Prophet Mohammad teachings key to save world from ignorance: Assyrian Union

10 December 2015 18:55


Secretary General of Global Union of Assyrians and legislator said that Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) school of thought is the key to saving today’s world from ignorance.

Ytaten Bet Kelia told IRNA on Thursday that the message of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) can put an end to the crimes of enemies of divine religions.

He noted that the messenger of Islam managed to explain monotheism to the people in the era of ignorance through his tolerance and patience.

‘The Messenger of God started his mission at a time when the people were alien to even the most primary etiquette and sound life and they knew nothing but plundering and looting,’ he said.

Bet Kelia added that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) managed to nurture cultured and civilized people out of ignorant tribes through his affection and patience.

Noting that all Muslim and non-Muslim scholars have confirmed the great prophet’s genius and high status, he said that when the extremists have taken aim at all human schools and seek to distort divine faiths, reviewing and studying his lifestyle can bring about a great revolution in the world.

Fighting superstition and ignorance are among the unique objectives of the messenger’s prophethood, he said, saying that moving on the path by the humanity can mark a great end to extremism and so-called advocates of human rights.

Secretary General of Assyrians Global Union also said that message of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) belongs to all humanity stressing that genocide, looting and trampling human rights have no place either in Islam or any other divine religion.

‘They are hated by all faiths and their followers,’ he said.

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