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Syrian Army Expanding Control over Damascus-Homs Highway

10 December 2015 7:26


Tens of terrorists were killed in fierce clashes between the Syrian army and the militant groups along the Damscus-Homs highway on Tuesday, local sources said Wednesday, adding that militants have been pushed back in vast areas along the road.

“The Syrian army expanded its control on the Eastern side of the Damascus-Homs Highway in Harasta,” sources living in nearby regions said.

“The army took full control over the farms along the road connecting Nour al-Sham school and Douma at the end of the clashes,” they added.

Meantime, military sources said tens of dead bodies have been left behind by the terrorist groups, while dozens more have been wounded or captured.

The military sources also said that they have detected and destroyed a tunnel used by the foreign-backed militants in region, and killed all militants inside the tunnel.

Pro-government forces in Syria have been fighting to complete control over the entire Damascus-Homs highway for one month now.

The Syrian Army and popular forces in mid November won back an important checkpoint in Eastern Damascus province, and took the initial step to seize back full control over the Damascus-Homs highway.

Syrian army troops and National Defense Forces (NDF) regained Sherri checkpoint in the Southern side of the Damascus-Homs highway after the militant groups’ concentration centers in the Eastern Ghouta came under intensive attack by the government troops.

The Syrian army has now deployed forces very close to the strategic Damascus-Homs highway.

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