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Iranian NGO Condemns Shiite Killings in Azerbaijan Republic

11 December 2015 23:19


The International Union of Unified Ummah condemned the Republic of Azerbaijan’s crackdown on Shiite Muslims, which left a number of mourners killed in a recent raid on Nardaran region.

In a statement on Friday, the Iranian NGO called on the Baku government to stop harassment of people in the Shiite-dominated areas.

Condemnation of intensified crackdown on the Azeri Shiite citizens came after the security forces on November 26 launched a raid on the Shiite Muslims in the coastal district of Nardaran, 25 kilometers northeast of capital Baku.

4 Shiite people -members of the Movement for Muslim Unity (MMU)- were reportedly killed in the attack and several others were arrested, including the MMU leader Tale’ Bagirzade, who is also known as Sheikh Bagirov.

In a later attack in Nardaran on December 3, policemen shot and killed five Shiite Muslims and arrested 32 others, according to Press TV.

Shiite Muslims make up 85 percent of the population in Azerbaijan.

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