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Syrian Armed Forces Recapture Several Sites from ISIS in East Homs: Maheen Within Distance

11 December 2015 7:06


Nearly 24 hours after withdrawing from the imperative town of Maheen, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) and National Defense Forces (NDF) of Sadad are back at the gates of nearby Hawareen following the redeployment of the Syrian Arab Army’s 120th Brigade of the 2nd Division to this rugged desert area in the Homs Governorate’s eastern countryside.

The night before, ISIS was able to capture two imperative hilltops and the Maheen-Quraytayn checkpoint that is situated along the main road leading to Maheen; this ultimately led to the terrorist group seizing the entire town after the withdrawal of the NDF and SSNP forces to the nearby Syriac Christian city of Sadad.

With ISIS in full control of Maheen on Thursday morning, the Syrian Arab Army’s 120th was redeployed to Sadad in order to lead the charge to recapture the town from ISIS before they had enough time to entrench themselves inside.

Following a series of intense firefights along the road to Sadad on Thursday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army’s 120th Brigade – backed by the SSNP and the NDF – countered the terrorist group, recapturing several sites lost to ISIS the night before; this includes the Hawareen-Sadad checkpoint.

According to a military source with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, the Syrian Armed Forces have entered the small village of Hawareen and currently pushing south towards the town of Maheen; this battle is currently ongoing.

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