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US using ‘War on Terror’ to maintain hegemony: Scholar

11 December 2015 23:04


The United States has launched the so-called War on Terror in an attempt to maintain its global hegemony and counter the rise of a multi-polar world led by Russia and China, an American scholar and political analyst says.

Dennis Etler, professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV when asked to comment on a new poll which shows the percentage of people in the United States who are concerned about terrorism has risen to the level it was in the weeks following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Nearly 80 percent of Americans say a terrorist attack is “very or somewhat likely in the next few months,” according to the New York Times/ CBS News poll released Thursday. It was 78 percent in late September 2001.

Professor Etler said the “War on Terrorism” has been “pursued without interruption since the late 1990s when the first al-Qaeda attacks occurred against US targets. It was framed as the foundation of US foreign policy by the George W. Bush administration even before the 9/11 attacks that brought down the World Trade Center in New York City and served as an excuse to invade one nation after another.”

“The ‘War on Terrorism’ has been used as justification for the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq and their subsequent occupation by Western forces led by the US and NATO. Although the Obama administration was elected on a platform of ending the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan they have continued with US involvement. The ‘War on Terrorism’ is still a central tenant of US foreign policy and has spread to Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and areas in the Horn of Africa and the sub-Saharan region where US troops and advisers have been deployed to combat terrorist activities,” he added.

“Besides military conflict the ‘War on Terrorism’ has also led to a string of major terrorist attacks in the homelands of US allies. These include deadly attacks against civilian targets in London, Madrid, Paris, and the US besides elsewhere. The most recent slaughter in San Bernardino, California has revived fears of further terrorist attacks within the US, with polls showing that nearly 80 percent expect another attack as likely within the next few months. This level of fear and anxiety has not been seen since the 9/11 attacks over a decade ago,” the analyst stated.

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