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Mishaal: The occupation has no future on the land of Palestine

12 December 2015 20:31


Head of Hamas’s political bureau Khalid Mishaal has said that the Israelis are only passersby having no future on the land of Palestine, stressing that the growing Israeli crimes were the main reason behind the current Palestinian intifada (uprising).

Mishaal made his remarks during a lecture he delivered on Thursday at Flamingo hotel in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. Hundreds of Arab and Muslim citizens living in the country flocked to the place to listen to his speech.

He affirmed that the situation in the occupied territories exploded after the Jewish settlers’ violations against the Palestinians and their holy sites reached an unprecedented level.

Mishaal underlined that the huge reservoir of Palestinian anger and the accumulated suffering and injustice resulting from the occupation and settlement activities were all the spark that ignited “al-Quds intifada.”

The Hamas official added that the enormity of the dangers threatening the Aqsa Mosque made the anger boil up inside the Palestinians and prompted them to join forces to defend their Islamic holy shrine.

He also talked about the Gaza Strip, which he said “has been suffering from a blockade for nine years,” describing it as “the greatest popular incubator of resistance” in the Palestinian history.

At the invitation of the Malaysian ruling party (UMNO), a high-level delegation from Hamas led by Mishaal arrived in Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday on an official visit for several days.

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