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Syrian Army Captures Hundreds of Militants Fleeing from Aleppo Battlefronts

12 December 2015 15:08



The Syrian Army and the country’s National Defense Forces’ (NDF) operating in the Southern part of Aleppo province have captured hundreds of militants who intended to use darkness of the night to flee form the battlefield, sources said Saturday.

Scores of hopeless militants, mainly from al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham were arrested by the Syrian government forces after their command centers came under massive attack of the Syrian army and its allies.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian Army and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters have staged a fresh phase of joint operations in the Southern territories of Aleppo, and have already inflicted heavy casualties on the militants in the battlefield.

The army said that the pro-government forces conducted large-scale operations in Khan Touman and al-Zerbeh regions.

“The Syrian government forces confronted Jeish al-Fatah in al-Zerbeh region and are advancing against them,” the sources said.

“The militants have no good situation in Khan Touman and the army and its allies have gained upper hand there,” the sources added.

The militant groups have suffered heavy causalities as a result of the Syrian forces and the Russian air forces’ continued offensive against the terrorists’ defense lines across the Northern province of Aleppo.

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