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Hezbollah Overwhelms a Large Group of ISIS Terrorists in Eastern Lebanon: Top Commander Killed

15 December 2015 20:59


On Tuesday morning in eastern Lebanon, a small Hezbollah contingent carried out a powerful assault on the encroaching militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) in the Ras Ba’albak Barrens of the Beqa’a Governorate, killing several enemy combatants from the aforementioned terrorist group, including one of their top commanders in this region.

According to a battlefield reporter that is embedded with Hezbollah in eastern Lebanon, the Lebanese Resistance killed the top ISIS commander in Ras Ba’albak – the terrorist commander was identified as “Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Amer”.

Upon learning of his death in the Ras Ba’albak Barrens, several ISIS fighters attempted to recover his corpse from the Lebanese Resistance; however, they were unable to bypass the stiff defenses of Hezbollah along the Lebanese-Syrian border.

The ISIS leader was reportedly traveling with a large ISIS convoy towards Ras Ba’albak when a roadside bomb was detonated along the road, killing Abu ‘Abdullah and several of his combatants instantly; this was followed by a powerful assault by a small Hezbollah contingent.

Unable to hold back the swarming Hezbollah soldiers, the ISIS terrorists were forced to retreat without recovering the body of their fallen leader.

A second IED was detonated by Hezbollah fighters when a group of ISIS militants attended the scene to take Abu ‘Abdullah’s corpse; this was followed by a violent firefight that ultimately ended unfavorably for ISIS.

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