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Investigations with Gaddafi’s Son Reveal More Info about Imam Sadr Case

15 December 2015 22:30



Libyan former leader Moammar Gaddafi’s son, Hannibal, revealed more information about the disappearance of Imam Sayyed Musa Sadr, knowing that he was questioned on Monday at Beirut’s Justice Palace as a key witness in the related case.

Highlighting that his father hold full responsibility for all the case, Hannibal Gaddafi asserted that Imam Sadr was kept for a long duration in a political jail in Libya, what refutes what has been circulated that his eminence was killed.

The Lebanese competent court is expected to utilize the sheer data provided by Hannibal Gaddafi to disclose the destiny of Imam Sadr who disappeared in Libya in 1978.

Hannibal Gadhafi, who resided in Syria, was kidnapped last week in Damascus before Internal Security Forces’ Information Branch liberated him Friday.

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