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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Continues Destroying Terrorists’ Positions across Syria

16 December 2015 14:52



The Syrian army destroyed the positions of the Takfiri terrorists in countrywide operations across the country in the last one day.

The Syrian troops razed down the strongholds of the terrorists in the key provinces of Hama, Homs, Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib and Dara’a.

Tens of the ISIL terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured in the Syrian airstrikes in the Syrian army’s military operations across Syria.


The Syrian fighter jets pounded ISIL positions in a key village in the province of Hama on Tuesday.

The warplanes targeted positions of the ISIL terrorists in Qteisheh village in the countryside of Salamiyeh in Hama province.

The terrorists suffered heavy casualties in the air raids.


The al-Nusra Front terrorists suffered heavy losses in Homs province as the Syrian fighter jets intensified their air raids on terrorists’ positions in the Central province.

The warplanes bombed fortified positions of al-Nusra Front terrorists in Teir Maala village and Talbiseh town in the Northern countryside of Homs.

Meantime, the Syrian Army and popular forces fended off the ISIL terrorists’ large-scale offensive in Sadad, in Homs province, and inflicted a heavy death toll on them.

The ISIL offensive on the Syrian government forces’ defense lines in Sadad, 60 kilometers South of Homs city, was repelled by the army troops and the National Defense Forces.


The Syrian army, backed by airstrikes, engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists in the al-Marj area in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, sources said Tuesday.

The Syrian army clashed with terrorists in al-Marj as the warplanes continue to bomb the militants’ movements in the area, informed sources said.

Meantime, the Syrian Army and popular forces stormed the militant groups’ gathering centers along one of their main supplying routes in the Eastern part of Damascus province and took full control over the road, battlefield sources said Tuesday.

“The Takfiri militants withdrew from Marj al-Sultan-Harasta al-Qantra road after their defense lines came under a thunder attack of the Syrian government forces,” the sources said.


At least 12 Takfiri militants were killed in Aleppo province as the Syrian army intensified their military operations in the Northern province on Tuesday.

A military source said the army and its allies targeted the terrorists in Rasm al-Sahrij and Abad in the Southwestern countryside of Aleppo.

Also, the army destroyed positions of al-Nusra Front terrorists in the city of Aleppo in on Tuesday.

The army destroyed al-Nusra-linked terrorists’ positions in the neighborhoods of al-Sheikh Lutfi, Hanano, Karm al-Tahhan and al-Jazmati in Aleppo city.

Meantime, the Syrian army troops destroyed strongholds of terrorists in several areas across Aleppo province as the army intensified its anti-terrorism operations against the foreign-backed militants.

A military source said the terrorists’ vehicles and positions in Tal Istabl, Nejarah, Rasel al-Kabir, Khan al-Assal and al-Atareb in the countryside of ‪Aleppo were destroyed in the military operations.


The Syrian fighter jets carried out several combat sorties over the militant strongholds in the Southeastern territories of Idlib province and hit them heavily, provincial sources said.

The militant groups’ concentration centers near Saraqib in the Northwestern province of Idlib came under heavy attacks of the Syrian bombers, the sources said.


The Syrian government forces continued to tighten noose on the Takfiri militants in Dara’a province, inflicting heavy losses on them.

The army destroyed a terrorists’ position in Aba Zaid neighborhood on Monday.

The army also destroyed terrorists’ vehicles, mortar launcher and military equipment in the South of al-Manshia neighborhood in Dara’a al-Balad area.

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