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Foreign intervention, lack of solidarity key problems of Islamic World: Veep

17 December 2015 7:06


First Vice President Ishaq Jahangiri said the problems that Muslims are facing are arising from intervention of foreign powers and lack of solidarity among the Islamic countries.

He made the comments in a meeting with Algerian Senate Speaker Abdulqader Bin Saleh in Algiers on Wednesday during which he stressed Iran’s readiness for expansion of all-out ties with Algeria, according to the veep office’s website.

Jahangiri referred to the positive role played by the Algerian government during the Iran-Iraq border dispute and said, historical, religious, and political bonds have brought the Iranian and Algerian nations closer together.

‘Both nations share numerous viewpoints and have satisfactory cooperation in international issues. Algeria’s stands regarding Iran has always been positive and constructive.’

He said Algeria is a important country in the Islamic World and North Africa region and added, ‘Iran is also an important country in the Middle East and West Asia which is facing unrest and suffering from the evil phenomenon of Daesh.’

‘I think that countries such as Iran and Algeria and cooperate to settle the major catastrophes in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan,’ he added.

Jahangiir introduced oil and gas as two areas where Iran and Algeria can promote their cooperation and said, ‘The cause of plummeting oil prices is not solely economic, rather a major part of its is political and certain countries are harming the interests of the Islamic ummah in this regards.’

The first vice president also praised Algeria’s constructive position regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and said International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Tuesday closed Iran’s nuclear file by issuing a resolution which nullified its previous resolutions against Iran.

The Algerian Senate speaker said Iran and Algeria have mutually supported each other and welcomed the IAEA new resolution in favor of Iran.

‘Despite of hostile policies of western countries against the Iranian nation and imposing of increasing pressures, finally they gave in and admitted the right of Iran to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

From outset, we were on the conviction that Iran wants the nuclear energy for peaceful use and fortunately passage of time proved Iran’s legitimacy and west’s mistake.’

He said Daesh and Al-Qaeda are cancerous tumors which are threatening the security of countries. ‘The problem is that such terrorist groups are active under the guise of Islam and are targeting security and stability of the countries.’

Bin Saleh expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iran in defusing the plots of the enemies and said, the parliament in Tehran and Algeria enjoy close relations and continued cooperation which can bolster the bilateral ties.

Jahangiri arrived in Algiers on Wednesday to meet and hold talks with senior Algerian officials.

He also met Speaker of the People’s National Assembly of Algeria Mohamed al-Arabi Walad Khalifa and is scheduled to meet Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Thursday.

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