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Iraqi Kurdish troops repel Daesh attacks, kill 70 terrorists

17 December 2015 6:42


Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have repelled a series of Daesh attacks in northern Iraq, killing at least 70 of the Takfiri terrorists, the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) says.

The terrorists were killed “across Newaran, Bashik, Tl Eswed, Khazir and Zerdk Mountain,” read a KRSC statement released on Wednesday.

The statement noted that the attacks were staged by the terrorists to breach “Peshmerga defensive lines following significant losses in recent months.”

It added that during the battle 11 Takfiri vehicles were also destroyed and several bombing attempts were foiled.

“Pressure continues to build on Daesh as Peshmerga forces hold supply lines connecting their key strongholds in Iraq and Syria,” said the statement referring to the key road that connects the northern Iraqi city of Mosul to the Syrian city of Raqqah.

Meanwhile, four Turkish troops were injured in a Daesh attack on the Bashiqa camp, where Turkey says it trains anti-Daesh fighters.

“Four Turkish troops were wounded in a mortar attack against the military training camp near Mosul,” an unnamed Turkish official said.

The official added that the injured troops were transferred to the southeastern province of Sirnak on the Turkish side of the border for treatment.

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