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President Rouhani: Iran is flag bearer of anti-extremism

17 December 2015 7:02


President Hassan Rouhani said Iran is the flag bearer of anti-violence and anti-extremism in region and world and deems it as a national and religious duty to convey Holy Qoran’s message of affection.

‘The government will not drop its efforts to promote the culture of peace and dialogue based on mutual respect and avoidance of violence which has contaminated the world today more than ever before,’ he said in a message to a local gathering here on Wednesday.

‘Reinforcement of sustainable peace and security and preparing the ground for encountering extremism, violence and terrorism can be achieved only through promotion of the culture of moderation, tolerance, and dialogue,’ read the message.

President Rouhani also said that his government succeeded in approving its resolution by the UN General Assembly against violence and extremism by using the diplomacy of peace and stressing universal values which are rooted in the nature of human beings.

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