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Zarif: Syrians Are Who Decide Their Destiny without Preconditions

17 December 2015 11:07



Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamamd Javad Zarif stressed that the Syrians are who decide their own destinies without preconditions, a head of fresh international efforts aimed at solving the deadly crisis in Syria.

Upon arrival in New York on Wednesday, Zarif said it was the right of every single individual in Syria to determine his own fate without pressures and influences from foreign countries.

Meanwhile, the top Iranian diplomat said Tehran believes necessary preparations are not set for holding the new session of the Syria talks. However, Iran is participating in the session with full readiness to focus on various topics especially the issue of making the needed coordination to promote fight against terrorist and extremist groups in Syria, Zarif added, according to IRNA news agency.

He said Iran was in the talks also to ensure that certain terrorist groups which have blood on their hands because of massacring defenseless Syrians would not have a place in the future of the country.

Preconditions set by foreign powers are the main reason for ongoing war and bloodshed in Syria in the past four years, he added.

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