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Syria: 18 Terrorists Killed in Army Attack in Dara’a City

18 December 2015 14:10



Military sources in Southern Dara’a city announced on Friday that the Syrian government forces’ operation against the militant groups in one of the main neighborhoods of the Southern city of Dara’a left al least 18 terrorists dead and some more wounded.

“The militant groups’ strongholds in the Southeastern side of al-Manshiyeh neighborhood came under offensive of the Syrian forces, who stormed the militants in groups using light and heavy weapons,” the sources said.

“In addition to almost heavy death toll the militants sustained in the army attack, several military vehicles, equipped with machinegun, were destroyed in the raid,” the sources went on to say.

The Syrian army and its allies have the upper hand in confronting the militant groups in Dara’a province.

On Thursday, the Syrian army continued to tighten noose around the terrorists in the city of Dara’a, and targeted positions of al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists to the Southeast of Bosra Square and to the North of al-Banin School in Dara’a al-Mahatta neighborhood in Dara’a city.

At least 10 militants were killed in the army’s attacks.

The Syrian forces also targeted Takfiri terrorists’ movements in al-Nazihin Camp and to the South of al-Manshiyeh neighborhood in Dara’a al-Balad area in Dara’a city.

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