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Iranian Students express solidarity with Nigerian Muslims

19 December 2015 19:05


Students and instructors of Razavi University of Islamic Sciences staged a protest late on Saturday to express solidarity with the oppressed Nigerian Muslims.

Addressing the protest, Iran’s former cultural attaché in Africa Mohammad Ebrahim Roshan-Zamir said that the history of Africa Continent is all pain and sorrow both for those living there and those like Shaikh Zakzaki preaching Shia Islamic school of thought.
Zakzaki visited Imam Khomeini earlier during Islamic Revolution era and was impressed by lofty aspirations of the Iranian Leader, he said.
Preaching Islam and Shia Muslim tenets in Africa is associated with problems such as pressure of governments and Vahhabis, rampant cultural poverty and Islamophobia in the region.
Referring to effective role of Razavi University’s students to promote Islam in Africa Continent, Roshan-Zamir said that graduates of the university have so far set up ten Islamic centers across the continent.
A friend of Zakzaki told the protest that 85 percent of the Nigerians are Muslims and this is due to the efforts of Sheikh Zakzaki.
Yaqoub Jabreil Isa added that after the Islamic Revolution, Nigeria was the second country which inclined to Shia religion of Islam and the country will serve as the savior of the African Muslims in near future.
The students released a statement at the end of the protest to support the Nigerian Muslims.

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