Islamic Invitation Turkey
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‘Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raciun.”To allah we belong and to him is our return’

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The legendary Hezbolah Commander Samir Quntar martyred in Damascus. Angry and furious crowds to relieve with the harsh response awaiting zionist regime.

Samir Quntar, the oldest capture with 29 year captivity in zionist israel’s prisons, lost hist life and reached the Lord of Universe Allah(swt). Samir Quntar’s nearly 30 years captivity was ended in 2008 after the swap between Hezbollah and zionist occupation regime.

The Honourable Martyr has been fighting the arrogant forces since he was rescued from the dirty hands of zionists in 2008. He was commanding the the Syrian army troopers against the rabid fighters destroying Syria on behalf of israel and US.

The strike of zionist regime’s war planes happenned after the midnight on the five floor building which claimed another senior Hezbollah commander along with six Syrian soldiers.


The strike also reiterated the sides fighting in Syria against the resistance were only puppets of the zionist israel regime. The deadlock of the zionist front including contries such as Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, KSA has been seen the clear sign of victory coming along.

May Allah(swt) reward us with the high position which Sheiid Quntar and others granted in Heaven.



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