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Iran’s General Urges Muslims to Disavow Saudi ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Coalition

20 December 2015 16:39


Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi called on Muslim countries to disclaim any association with a “fake” coalition that Saudi Arabia has arbitrarily set up to pretend Riyadh is against terrorism.

“The Al Saud’s arbitrary move will result in nothing but scandal. Saudis are making futile attempts and forming a fake anti-terrorism coalition,” General Firouzabadi said on Saturday, reacting to Saudi Arabia’s announcement of organizing a military coalition of 34 Muslim nations against terrorism.

He also urged the countries whose names have been cited in Saudi Arabia’s list of the so-called coalition to “immediately disavow involvement in the Al Saud’s fraudulent antiterrorism coalition.”

The top general also said Saudi rulers will soon have to face justice for their war crimes, including their support for bloodletting by the ISIL terrorist group in Syria and Iraq as well as killing of people in Yemen.

Referring to Al Saud’s backing for Takfiri terrorism, Firouzabadi urged Muslim countries to disclaim association with “such dark crimes of history that remind one of fascists’ crimes in Europe.”

Last week, Saudi Arabia announced a new 34-country coalition of Muslim nations to fight terrorism, but several governments have claimed they were not aware of their own involvement.

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, Aizaz Chaudhry, has been quoted as saying he only learnt of his country’s inclusion in the alliance from news reports.

Lebanon was equally a baffled country following the announcement, according to Lebanese media outlet Naharnet. The Lebanese Foreign Ministry was adamant they had no “memo or phone call mentioning this coalition.” They added they had “no knowledge whatsoever of the issue of forming an Islamic anti-terror coalition.”

Indonesia was also said to be still deciding whether to join, while Malaysia ruled out any military intervention.

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